Learn to make money online :)

I have seen many people trying to make money online without any sucess. Even I am new to this industry. I have started trying to make money online for the past one month. In the beginning it was really hard for me to get some authentic information about sites, where we can make some money online. Google search gives all kinds of scams, where we get hardly paid.Now its been a month and I am earning about $3- $5 per day without much effort. Which I think is not bad for a starter. So, I am willing to share my experience which would help others to make money online.

For the beginners, the best way to make money online is PTC sites.

You may ask me, what is PTC??

PTC means Paid to Click. In other words you are paid to watch ads on these sites.You may also ask me how does this work, there are advertisers who are willing to pay for the quality traffic to their websites, which these PTC sites give.

How much do you make ??

Generally most PTC sites pay $0.01 for each site you view with a 30 second timer. Though this is not much, you can increase your earnings by referring other people. For each your referal view you will get $0.01. So if you have 10 referals who view 10 ads daily that makes $1 from them alone. I would also like to tell you how to get referals for PTC sites.

What about me ??

My favorite PTC so far is OCCUPEX . This site has $1 minimum payout. So everybodu can get the payments quickly.

How do you get paid ??

There are online money transaction sites like Paypal and Alertpay where you can make free accounts and request money you make on PTC sites. Then you can withdraw it to your local bank.

Are there scams??

Yeah, 80% of the PTC sites are scams,Most trusted PTC sites are Neobux, Buxout, Occupex and Sandraclicks. There are also other sites which pay but their payouts and payment structure is bit complicated. So I would suggest you join these sites first and then move on to other sites once you get reliable information.

This is my first article on this site, In future I am willing to add more ways to make money online like social netwroking, review writings, blogging, sharing photos and videos, uploading videos, searching the internet. These are all legit ways of making money online which you would not get easily through google search. I will also tell you about how I get referals to my site, which I think is the main reason that made me successful at PTC sites. So keep visiting my page for further updates.